Posted by: apopalyptic | 02/24/2012

The Singularity

I’m reading about Ray Kurzweil’s book The Singularity is Near on Wikipedia. The Singularity is the moment in which technology will get to the point that it surpasses what we humans can do. Some folks think it can happen within the next ten years. Some folks don’t want it to happen. I’m pretty sure that when it happens, it will be one of the signs of the pending apocalypse.

So… I’m posting this photo, which Danika took the other day of my outfit. It sort of came together around the scarf, which is a triangular lace shawl I knit. The first lace project I made that I felt that was good enough to wear. It’s made with Knit Picks Palete in the color Celestial, which I chose because royal blue is the color of my astrological sign (google that for those of you who want to wish me a belated happy birthday!). This is wool, so I can’t really put it in the washer or the dryer. Also I had to wet it and iron it so it could take it’s nice, triangular and flat shape.

I had already put on the blue tights and figured the scarf would look cute with the rest of the outfit, and then wore this coat as it was appropriate for the weather. It ended up that I was not only too matchy matchy, but I was basically wearing all one color: blue.

Blue seems to be a color I relate to the apocalypse, mostly because I think it’s a color that won’t exist. We don’t generally lose colors, do we? Pantone keeps creating them, but they don’t ever really cease to exist. Color is about light, right? So, I think in the apocalypse, we will still be able to see the color blue, prismatically, but it might not exist naturally anymore. There will be no blue sky. There will be no blue sea. We will be blue, no doubt, because we will miss our green fields and yellow sun. So we will keep this color close. It’s value will increase exponentially.

I think this spring, I will attempt for more moments of Outfit Singularity. Perhaps not the same shade of the same color, but working with a singular color. And while I’m wearing these outfits I’m going to think about what the world is going to be like when my wardrobe will have nanobots inside of the fibers that I will be able to control the color of WITH MY MIND!



  1. I like it when class inspires your wardrobe…and vise-versa.You should post a link to this on the class blog.

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