Posted by: apopalyptic | 09/18/2011

Skirting the Apocalypse

I finally finished the Lanesplitter skirt!

This pattern is incredibly easy. You basically knit one long rectangle on the bias. You start with four stitches and increase on both side till you get to the desired length. Then, you increase only on one side till you get to the desired width, which will be way longer than you think it is. When you get to that point, you start to decrease on both sides until you’ve got four stitches left. Next you sew the seam, pick up stitches and do ribbing for the waistband, sew it down, inert the elastic and voila: you’ve made stylin’ skirt! The pattern, which utilizes two balls of variegated yarn of the same colorway, calls for that really fancy Noro Kureyon but I used the much more affordable Chroma (worsted weight) from Knit Picks in the Mixtape colorway.

Here is a photo that Julie took of me at the corner of 15th and U Street:

I love this skirt! I was a little worried I could only wear it with tights, but the yarn isn’t itchy! It is dry-clean only so that’s going to be a bit of an issue, since I plan on wearing this skirt all the flipping time. It’s warm, which is a bonus because yesterday was one of those pre-fall days when it’s kind of cold but not too cold, and I was perfectly comfy. It is a little bulky in the waist area due to the elastic, and as Michael Kors might say, who wants to look bulky in the waist area? There are ways to minimize that, though, with belts and sweatshirts, so I think it’ll work out okay.

The Lanesplitter is Apocalyptic because it’s easy and fast, and could probably be switched up in various ways. I think it could work well with yarn that variates in thickness but stays the same color (like Vicky Howell’s Vegas Yarn, but that would end up being a rather expensive skirt), or even materials (plastic bags?). It’s also cute, and in this colorway, Mixtape, I am reminiscent¬† of carefree times, spending hours taping songs off of other tapes, or LPs, or CDs, crafting two 45-minute sides of pure emotion.


  1. I LOVE it!

    • Thanks!!! I highly recommend it.

  2. It’s viral!

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