Posted by: apopalyptic | 09/13/2011

First day of the apocalypse

It’s back to school time folks! Actually, we’ve been back, for about two and a half weeks now. This is a photo of my Official Back to School Outfit:

It features:

  • an old green cardigan I got from Delia’s
  • a black tank top from the Target from when I was Angelina Jolie for Halloween (that was an inspired costume: jeans, black shoes, black tank top, mirrored sunglass and a black baby doll and white baby doll wrapped in a blanket I made into one of those snuggie things that I ended up donating to Toys For Tots at Holiday time)
  • my go-to Pumas, Anjans, in two shades of blue
  • a scarf I got at Urban Outfitters last year that is like a black and white photograph of fern trees superimposed onto the fabric that I like to call my Arcade Fire scarf. Maybe because I had just gotten The Suburbs and was listening to it when I bought it? Or because it reminded me of being in Denver in all of those places that made me feel all alpine, which also makes me feel like I’m stuck in an Arcade Fire video.
  • and my new silver grey lace skirt I got on sale via Jcrew-dot-com.

There are aspects of this outfit that qualify as Apopalyptic. The colors: grey and black and white. I’ve decided this is the aesthetic I’m going for this fall, and that is because I am obsessed with the new BBC/PBS Sherlock and how London looks all grey wool and felty. And, well, mostly because that’s how they costume Sherlock. I’m calling it Sherlockette. The green sweater, layered over the tank top, serves to suggest the bright-color-as-talisman of spring days that don’t exist anymore.  I made the executive decision to tuck in the tank top, which I never do, to show off the waistband of the skirt in all it’s grey satin glory. I feel like this made the whole outfit look like those Degas ballerina statues, which, actually, I find a bit creepy and apocalyptic anyway.

It fits in pretty well without actually looking like I am wearing a face mask, which, in this time of late summer ragweed allergies, might not be a bad idea.

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