Posted by: apopalyptic | 05/23/2011

I attended the Apocalypse and scored this lovely wrap!

Six O’clock came and went in every time zone in the world on Saturday, and it seems like we’re still status quo. Which means either a) a whole bunch of people were duped into giving some guy a shit ton of money; or, b) it did happen, and those of us who are still here did not get scooped up into the heavenly confines and this is actually the Apocalypse.

If it is the Apocalypse, then I’m prepared because I’m stylin’ in this wrap I indefinitely borrowed from Megan. We decided to curate an impromptu Fin du Monde celebratory barbecue. A dinner party featuring food that we might as well enjoy before the world ends: the most delicious grilled dinner, delightful wine, and s’mores (we weren’t going to go out with a whimper, that was for sure!). As late afternoon morphed into the kind of spring evening we’ve been dreaming of since January, it got chilly out at the Pines. Ever the host, Megan offered wraps to her more temperately-challenged guests. I got this one:

When I was blue in judgment / Cold in Office Cube

Photo by Abigail

Perhaps because it matched my outfit, but also perhaps because as an Aquarius, electric blue is my true astrological shade. Either way, it’s lovely, and is currently keeping me warm at my freezing cold office. According to Pantone, one might call this particular shade “blue depths.” If the Rapture did happen, and I was left on Earth to take care of everyone’s pets, this might be a color that would remind me of our salad days, spending hours sitting and talking with friends on the back porch, drinking delightful beverages and eating all of the food. I would be in the blue depths, with all of that fire and brimstone flesh eating bacteria.

The tag says it’s 100% Viscose, which basically means it’s constructed of a formerly natural material that got turned into Rayon. An appropriate Apocalyptic material– a synthetic manufactured out of an organic liquid. I was hoping to be able to work on this type of material formula Post-Rapture– maybe manufacturing silk out of all those reusable grocery bags I’d be able to scrounge. Alas, we’re all still intact in the World. Maybe I can work on this technique for the next scheduled cataclysm.

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