Posted by: apopalyptic | 02/02/2011

Etsy Schmetzy

I saw this on Etsy just now, and while I think it’s totally impractical, I also kind of love it:

I think this photo is a good example of a practical application of this cowl. It’s also a perfect example of Apocalyptic fashion. The model’s outfit is black, or perhaps it’s brown. It’s a neutral color that might blend in with a dark landscape of an undone world, and the bright orange let’s you know not to drive your big robot over the human being.

As I told Elizabeth… this is the kind of outfit you might wear for walking about. You might wear it as you trudge along, thinking about your pre-Apocalyptic world where you might wear an outfit like this as you walked along the avenue, shopping. Or sitting outside at a cafe or a park drinking coffee.

(also, an aside: we can so totally make this!)

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