Posted by: apopalyptic | 09/26/2010

These are not pants

They are tights. Well, leggings actually. Under a dress.

photo by Chris

Originally, I was going to title this entry “But I’m wearing a dress!” Specifically, the dress I purchased at Muji in London last May. Which we’ve already established as being apocalyptic because a) it’s gray; and b) it was purchased in London, which is perhaps the most apocalyptic city in the world. At the time, Pam pointed out I could stylishly get away with wearing this dress over jeans. It’s not cool enough for that yet, so I wore it with leggings instead. Leggings which also happened to be a part of my yoga costume, and since I was attending a yoga class later that day, it was a whole heck of a lot easier getting changed at the studio because I was already wearing half of my outfit (and that’s super helpful when you happen to be running a little bit late). That’s definitely an apocalyptic quality of an outfit: utilitarian layers!

We haven’t seen a whole lot of tights-as-pants yet this fall. Which makes me wonder if the fad is over, or if it’s just been too hot for pants, period. This look will most likely make a come back this week, but I hope anyone considering leaving the house decked out in this look might take a moment to rethink their outfit. Sure, it’s easy to get dressed once and just wear your workout outfit as your whole day outfit; but, it makes you look like an idiot.


  1. Rather than tights as tights, aren’t those, in fact, leggings as leggings?

    I think next year we’ll see the hot weather “no tights as pants” and there will be teens wandering around in quite pricey designer shirts and vests (I also predicate the return of the pocketed waistcoat, obvs.) with nothing on below the belly button but undies and footwear.

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