Posted by: apopalyptic | 07/30/2010

Apocalyptic Mainstream

The JCrew catalog came the other day… in the mail. The snail mail! As you can see, it features two Beautiful People in the middle of a desert. The male is wearing what I might traditionally associate with the type of clothing one might wear in this sort of environment. The female, not so much. It’s like they got different memos or something. They told him “you’re going to Burning Man” and they told her “you’re going to Brunch.”


  1. Hah! Also, maybe it’s just the glare, but that guy looks kind of like Dolsy. Only Dolsy would never let his pants get that rumpled, desert or no.

  2. He does look like Dolsy! Actually, he looks like Dolsy’s brother (his real brother, not a mythical brother you conjure up when the person in the picture could be an alter ego of the actual person). But that might be because I’ve seen Dolsy’s brother actually dress like this. Maybe Dolsy needs to explore his options of grey t-shirts…

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