Posted by: apopalyptic | 06/24/2010

La La La Tshirt Tshirt

In celebration of Peggy getting her fellowship, I ordered a t-shirt from Mike’s bike company, FBM. It is red, with a Sriracha hot sauce rooster on it. The only size left was a medium, but I figured I would get it anyway because a) I liked it the best; b) it was only 9 bucks;  c) I wanted to support my friends! and d) I could cut it.

It is important to know: I have never been able to successfully cut a t-shirt so it looks cool. It always looks like a fourth grader did it. Actually, a fourth grader could probably cut it better. But that was pre-Internet. Now, I figured there should be like fifteen thousand different blogs with directions on how I could cut a t-shirt and have it look pretty good. So, I found this blog with a video and followed the directions. Voila:

It is a good thing I found this website, which also mentions this book (which I totally want!), which I can see coming in handy for fashioning the Apocalyptic style. T-shirts, made of cotton, will be plentiful, mostly the ones that end up in the thrift store, or overpressings of t-shirts nobody wanted, or ones that couldn’t be sold because they said something like “Philadelphia Phillies, 2009 and 2010 back-to-back World Series Champs!” (which, if one of those exists, please send one to me!). Re-purposing them will be key, not just for fashion sake, but I would say that those of us who can develop this skill might also be on to a little cottage industry. Well, maybe we don’t need to wait for the Apocalypse for that to happen…



    It looks great, you look great! Apocalypse be damned, we know how to make t-shirts into halters and we can grow pumpkins!

  2. Basically… that’s all we really need.

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