Posted by: apopalyptic | 05/31/2010


Here’s another post about London.

I will say that I did lunch a little bit in taking photos of folks with a specific Apocalyptic Style. But, since basically *everyone* had an Apocalyptic Style, I’m letting myself off the hook and will say that it was just too overwhelming. So, instead of wowing you with my amazing photographs (though they are amazing), I’m just going to talk, perhaps a bit in the abstract.

There are two things you should know about how I made my fashion Apocalyptic in London. One: I wore my Under The Hoodie sweater (which I made specifically for this trip) every single day. It turned out to be the best article of clothing I brought with me, since the weather could go from sunny to drizzly in a matter of milliseconds, and it was never entirely too warm for a nice, cozy wool sweater. And, that leads me to number two in this equation: when in London, do as the Londoners do and dress in layers.

We’ve discussed layers here in Apopalyptic before, so this idea is not news to any of us. Especially those of us who work in 1970s constructed office buildings that have a schizophrenic HVAC system. But, in an English climate, you have to be prepared for any atmospheric fluctuation at any given moment. This requires warmth in conjunction with practicality. A sweater you can tie around your waist, for example, when the sun shines for it’s allotted fifteen minutes per day. Or, a warm pair of knee socks (like these, that I wore bowling) so you can still wear a skirt and look cute.

There’s no good photos of me in the above outfit. But, when contemplating the idea of layering (which, by the way, totally fits in with the whole London-as-palimpsest idea), I must’ve been a little hungry, because the picture that kept coming to mind was this:

photo from

Millionaire’s Shortbread! I made my own version of this when I got home, and I think this accomplishes more in support of layering than any photo of me in any outfit could. It’s a pretty brilliant dessert: shortbread with a layer of caramel (made by opening a can of condensed milk and boiling it, then cooling it) and then one more layer of melted chocolate. And people say the British don’t know food.

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