Posted by: apopalyptic | 05/07/2010

This one is about Danika

The other day, I visited Danika on her side of H Street. On this day, she was especially Apocalyptic by wearing two scarfs AT THE SAME TIME!

One, a gold pashmina (my favorite of Danika’s many pashminas), and a thinner, complementary scarf, in shades of orange. Now, we have already established the pashmina as being crucial to Apocalyptic fashion, in that it is not only warm, but can also provide head cover and nose/mouth cover (in case there is an expedient need to shield yourself from airborne pollutants), but this additional scarf adds a dimension that shows that, in fact, pretty, frilly things can be worn in the Apocalypse. Further, the bright color adds an important element to the rest of Danika’s neutral outfit. By mixing the orange/yellow with a darker top, we’ll be able to see her in the smoke and  muck.

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