Posted by: apopalyptic | 05/06/2010

Girl in the hood(ie)

Here’s me in my new sweater, the Under the Hoodie from Stitch and Bitch…

photo by Danika

This was the first project I made with Apocalyptic fashion in mind. It’s wool (my favorite wool from my favorite yarn store in Alexandria). Abigail consulted on the colors… I really liked the dark plum, especially since this is my unofficial favorite color (official color: pink!). It’s also Apocalyptic in that the heathered purple and grey are neutral. There is a pocket in the front, and a hood, two elements of style necessary in the Apocalypse (pockets for our natural world talismans, and hoods to protect ourselves from the future world elements). It’s warm when it needs to be, but it’s also good in the springtime, since it’s a natural fiber that can breathe.

I wore this with a bright yellow skirt, which is necessary so in order to be seen in the smoke and darkness.

And boots, well, boots are the official shoe of the Apocalypse.


  1. […] are two things you should know about how I made my fashion Apocalyptic in London. One: I wore my Under The Hoodie sweater (which I made specifically for this trip) every single day. It turned out to be the best article of […]

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