Posted by: apopalyptic | 04/19/2010


Today, Abigail walked into work with this outfit, looking totes cute!!!

photo taken by Tina with MoreLomo App

Adorbs!!! I said: you look totally apocalyptic! She said: really? Why?

So we dissected her outfit according to the following:

–cotton canvas skirt (a recent JCrew purchase) is a pattern adapted from photos of flowers, all that we will have left of the natural world. The material is natural (cotton) but turned into something that will withhold the elements (canvas).

–boots, which we have said, are the Official Shoe of the Apocalypse.

–patterned tights (which you can’t see in the photo), which add texture.

–sweatshirt for warmth and protection, in a regal purple hue for style.

–silver scarf, which can be used to cover her mouth and nose as to not breath in any offending particles of ash or soot or whatever may spew out of some volcano somewhere.

And don’t forget the running watch! You must always take your running watch, especially if it has GPS!

*Originally, this was a typo, but I decided to keep it. Like Charles de Gaul.


  1. Nice pic. The only thing I don’t like about this post is that it doesn’t mention my name.

  2. Didn’t Charles de Gaulle lead those cheese-eating surrender monkeys after the post-apocalyptic effects of WWII?

  3. Totes! the Free French Forces. I had a crush on some guy with a tattoo of what I guess is their insignia and I had no idea what it was about.

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