Posted by: apopalyptic | 03/29/2010

Rememberence of Things Past

Laura came to DC this weekend, to look at some Cherry Blossoms, shop, eat some food, totally super fun! At Urban Outfitters (the Gallery Place one), I bought this scarf:

Now, I know what you’re thinking: this is blue! Bright blue! A color that, at one point, I called MTV blue. That was when I had one wall in my old apartment painted this color as an accent wall. I love this kind of blue. Blue, in fact, may be my unofficial favorite color (my official favorite color is pink, by the way). But, what you are thinking is: Um, there is no blue sky in the Apocalypse! And, yes, that is true.

Last entry we discussed how pockets will be used to hold our talismans (talismen?) from the natural world. We will want to remember a verdant Earth, which also includes a cerulean sky. And, it is important to know, that this blue scarf was hanging next to a gray version of this, and I almost put it back and went for that one, thinking: there *is* no blue sky in the Apocalypse. But I got the blue one instead. This scarf, which is made of purposelytattered linen, is the color of a sky we would like to remember when it is all nothing but gray and smoke-filled.

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