Posted by: apopalyptic | 03/26/2010

Pockets for Talismans of the Natural World

Finally… a post featuring Danika!

On Monday, Danika came to our class wearing this fabulous outfit:

Danika, with blazer

Danika, sans blazer, but still a trailblazer!

This outfit consists of: an H&M dress, purple tights, a velvet purple JCrew blazer (bought on sale, thank you very much!), awesome black boots (boots, by the way, are the official Shoe of the Apocalypse– expect an entry on footwear soon) and a fabulous pashmina.

Let’s focus on the dress. Aside from being adorable, it’s utilitarian… it has pockets! And why are pockets so great for the Apocalypse, you might ask? Well, as Danika said: it’s to keep your talisman from the natural world. You can keep your flower or your leaf, something of a plant species that has since been scorched, to remind yourself that you once lived on a verdant Earth. Brilliant! Her logic reminded me of my favorite Ray Bradbury short story, All in a Summer’s Day.


  1. Boat shoes are the official shoewear of the apocalypse!

  2. because it will be Waterworld?

  3. Actually, the dress is Semantiks from Nordstroms. I bought it shopping with Aunt Fifi, who gave me a $100 “rewards certificate”, so I’m into this dress for $4.00 out of my own wallet. Worth every penny. Maybe you should point out that if there is going to be an apocalypse, you should make sure to have an Aunt Fifi around.

  4. Oh, and the boots are Born. Trust me, no one will wear high heels in the apocalypse.

    • Aunt Fifi will be coming with us to the Apocalypse.

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