Posted by: apopalyptic | 03/20/2010

Everybody’s doing it!

Elizabeth sent me this self-portrait in which she is dressed for the Apocalypse:

photo by Elizabeth

Her outfit consists of the following: H&M t-shirt, Target sweater, skirt and socks from her aunt, and Dansko shoes that she Ebayed. Totally cute, right? Of course! Also, it speaks to an important part of the style we haven’t entirely hit at yet: thrifted, handed down, or other wise pre-loved clothes. The socks and the skirt are pretty straightforward, and I would expect clothes like this will be the Atellier Versace of the Apocalypse. Why? Well, the only material we’ll be able to utilize that we won’t have to weave ourselves will be that of things we already have, or find somewhere. A step beyond this outfit might be to fashion the skirt and the socks into something completely different. At least, that’s what Tim Gunn would tell us to do on Project Runway. In this case, these socks and skirt are too adorable to change, and they fit Elizabeth perfectly. Well done!

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