Posted by: apopalyptic | 03/13/2010


Fundamentally, I am not in favor of being too matched. It’s too Garanimals, perhaps. I don’t even like wearing clothes from the same producer all at once, though sometimes, that’s hard to avoid, since most of my clothes come from, like, the same three stores.

Yesterday, I thought about this, since Janet accused me of being too matchy earlier in the week. And I should say, it wasn’t so much an accusation as it was a statement of fact without judgment. It was true. Everything I had on was either brown or blue, and not enough variation of the shades to be less matchy. That’s just too pedestrian. Apocalyptic fashion, I think, is not Matchy-Matchy. It might be a variation on a shade, or it could be mixing patterns, all of which give a sense of going together, but does not constitute an idea that your mom went to Sears and looked for all the tags with a lion on them.

So, as I was getting dressed, and pulled out these tan Gap tights from last year, and this Gap plaid mini skirt I got with Dilek at Thanksgiving (she has the same one!), my goal was to make this outfit cohesive without being too Matchy Matchy. Hence, this grey stripped long-sleeve t-shirt from H&M a few years ago, and this army green t-shirt from American Apparel. The layering aspect, along with the combination of stripes and plaid, achieve this, I think:

photo by Danika

And since only a few people saw this outfit, I’m totally recycling it next week!


  1. matching sucks!

  2. The people who I see do it on a continual basis: the Non-Profit Boys and Girls Who Ride the Bus.

  3. If you wear it the day there is a FIRE in Gelman, is it de facto apocalyptic?

    • Yes. It is doubly apocalyptic. I’m also wearing it again next week.

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