Posted by: apopalyptic | 03/08/2010

Thanking the Academy

Elizabeth Banks wore my very favorite Oscar dress last night:

[Edit: the original photo of Elizabeth Banks in this dress, or a modified version of this dress (no shoulder straps) disappeared. It was an URL, not a PURL. I’m a librarian. I should know better. In it’s place, this dress from the line’s promo shots]

This is from Atelier Versace Spring/Summer 2009. It appears to be right from the runway. Here’s where I attempt to sound like Mr. Jay from America’s Next Top Model.

This whole stunning collection (see!) will be described by the Fashion Police as being “fashion forward.” Donatella Versace is generally discussed in those terms. I am taking “fashion forward” to mean Apocalyptic. The lines are clean and simple a la Art Deco, but layered on top of each other to create complexity. Which makes sense as far as fashion forward is concerned because it’s looking back to a time that was, “turn of the century” industrial but giving it a new spin.

Donatella is very good at taking something practical and turning it into something theoretical. For example, layering is a utilitarian aspect of Apocalypse Fashion, as we have discussed, but instead of laying a tank top under a t-shirt under a hoodie– which one may do in the Apocalypse to stay protected from the elements– here we have the theme incorporated into a structure of something that is not practical: an evening gown.

Elizabeth Banks’ dress is grey, a color we have determined to be a staple in the Apocalypse.  Grey can be a drab and dull tone, but done in this particular material (which is probably some kind of silk organza or some such. I really have no idea) is delicate, but also tough at the same time.

And, of course, there are the rough-els.

I don’t really know a whole lot about Elizabeth Banks, except for that she was in that Kevin Smith movie with Seth Rogan and played Laura Bush in Oliver Stone’s W (okay, I looked that one up), but I think she’s pretty cool based on this dress alone.

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