Posted by: apopalyptic | 03/04/2010

Pashmina? PashminYES!

This week I haven’t been dressing very apocalyptic. It’s been mostly jeans (and, um, the same jeans), sweaters and my Puma Californias (which, by the way, they don’t make anymore! Tragedy!). Today I wore a typical skirt/sweater/tights/boots outfit that was more Preppie than anything else, and that just won’t do. So, I thought about ways I could accessorize and get my desired look.

Here is my outfit, a regular, old 20th Century get up, which includes a Gap plaid skirt, an Old Navy tank top, a JCrew sweater, Target tights and my new Trusty Rocket Dogs (which have replaced my old Trusty Rocket Dogs that got destroyed in the Snowpocalypse):

It’s cute, right? But nothing special. Now, add the Pashmina:

Totally Apocalyptic!! Aside from being a quite lovely, muted gray, perhaps the color of the mashed potatoes we will be forced to eat once we only have the dried, flaky processed kind left, this pashmina, which is really a scarf (and belongs to Abigail) provides texture as well as warmth, not to mention makes objects in this photo appear to be skinnier than they actually are. The Pashmina changes everything. I think I’m going to attempt to wear one every day (we’ll see how that works out…). To quote Danika: “it’s the difference that says Apocalypse.”

photos by Abigail


  1. I think the fact that they don’t make the Pumas any more makes them apocalyptic.

  2. You are so right! Ebay has these going for like 60 bucks, 150 for the ones about to expire. That is what I call a sign of the pending Apocalypse!

  3. If I don’t finish this damn paper, I’ma look apocalyptic in the face.

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