Posted by: apopalyptic | 02/27/2010

Apocalypse When?

Apocalypse Now!

This outfit may not appear to be Apocalyptic in any way, but I think this it actually illustrates that perhaps, a la Czeslaw Milosz: “No other end of the world will there be” (thanks, Cathy!). We are always living in what is the end of some time, perhaps everything is a mini-Apocalypse. There’s nothing entirely special about this outfit, but it includes elements:

  • Natural Materials (jeans and t-shirts are cotton, sweater is cashmere)
  • Boots tucked into pants. This is something that I learned during the Snowpocalypse: tucking your pants into your boots assures that your pants don’t get soaked from all the snow left on the street from snowplows or where people didn’t shovel.
  • Dark colors (dark brick red, dark purple tank top)
  • Boots that lace. This is right, stylistically. I’m not sure why… I’ll find out.

The wind was something fierce today, which required several layers. I also wanted those layers to be thin and not bulky. So, a tank top under a long-sleeved shirt under a sweater (JCrew sale like three years ago– I think because the pockets are wack).

I realize that this doesn’t quite look like Blade Runner, or Mad Max, but to quote Milosz again: “And those who expected lightning and thunder / Are disappointed.”

(photo taken by Abigail)


  1. several layers of thin and not bulky is the key or you end up looking like the michelin man. it’s not pretty.

  2. Exactly! And no one wants to look like the michelin man!

  3. […] something practical and turning it into something theoretical. Layering is a utilitarian aspect of Apocalypse Fashion, as we have discussed, but instead of laying a tank top under a t-shirt under […]

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