Posted by: apopalyptic | 02/25/2010

The very fiber of our being

Apocalypse fashion = natural materials.

Obviously. Because all of the factories that make Polyesther will be destroyed, so there will be no rayon, no man-materials. Just fibers that can be woven into fabric. Maybe this may also include plastic, if there are some plastic bags lying around somewhere, which there won’t be because they’re essentially saccus-non-grata (totally SNG!). Which would mean that one might end up using materials like this for very specific items; basic supply and demand. It would seem that if one were able to scrounge up plastic, or Polyesther, or Rayon, or Daycron, or anything acrylic, it would be recycled and turned into something else, and perhaps sold for an exorbitant price. Instead of mining for ore or coal, dumpster divers would be the new tycoon, selling old 70s bellbottoms like crack in an alley.

So, in my attempt to dress like I was attending the apocalypse, I’m thinking that it’s going to be mostly about natural fibers (though I’m not rulling out upcycling something I find at the thrift store, but that is perhaps a muse for another day). This kind of coincides with all that eco-friendly stuff for sale in my yoga studio made out of bamboo, and it totally makes sense. Fashion today is about reusing materials and, if we are creating new material, to use something sustainable like plants (bamboo, cotton) or animal fiber (wool).

It’s a good thing I know how to knit.

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